Fairfield, NJ, July 17, 2019 – LYNRED USA, formerly Sofradir-EC, a technological industry leader in thermal imaging as well as night vision systems, announces the introduction of the ATOM®SW - a compact, yet high performing SWIR camera core.


The ATOM SW utilizes the LYNRED Snake Short Wave Tecless sensor (640 x 512 format and 15µ pixel pitch), the world’s most compact infrared detector with VGA resolution. State of the art InGaAs technology provides outstanding electro-optics in a very high-speed, low-noise, yet compact camera core for a wide variety of demanding applications. Included in this package is the Snake Tecless sensor, the sensor interface, back end, connectors interface, and mother board integrated in a 55x53x60 mm housing. The small footprint of the Snake Tecless Short Wave Sensor (16.5x16.5x2.8 mm) allowed LYNRED USA to design the ATOM SW with very compact housing, making it a viable solution for multiple applications.


The primary market of the ATOM SW will be for industrial machine vision applications as the camera core has the necessary sensitivity that is required for exceptional thermal resolution, as accuracy is paramount in quality control. However, the ATOM SW is not limited to serve the industrial market - it can be utilized in security, 24/7 surveillance, defense, & scientific R&D applications.


“We are very excited to launch the Atom SW, which leverages the full sensitivity of LYNRED’s shortwave technology.  And without the bulk and power challenges of the traditional TEC, we can enjoy compact size at a competitive price point,” states Bob Demarco, Vice President of Engineering at LYNRED USA.


ATOM SW is a cost-efficient camera core, allowing consumers to utilize SWIR thermal imaging when they were previously limited to visible image sensors due to budgetary constraint. SWIR has the capability to use reflected light as well as emitted light enabling one to more easily differentiate objects, making a SWIR thermal imager an ideal solution for industrial processes. SWIR enables the detection of faults that are not capable of being seen by the human eye.


The ATOM SW is available for purchase from LYNRED USA. Upon request, the ATOM SW can also be demonstrated for customers interested in procuring this camera core.





Located in the USA, LYNRED USA is a technological leader in infrared solutions for commercial, defense, and space applications. LYNRED USA is a subsidiary of LYNRED, manufacturers of advanced infrared detectors. LYNRED USA engineers, designs, and manufactures camera cores utilizing Lynred detectors, as well as night vision systems. The product line offerings of Lynred USA and Lynred cover the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum, from near to very far infrared. Due to the variety of products, the companies are able to serve various markets including surveillance & security, law enforcement, fire detection, leisure, automotive, scientific, automation, industrial, gas detection, airborne, ground/land vehicle, naval/sea, and weapon sights. Together, Lynred USA and Lynred employ an estimated 1,000 employees. Safran and Thales are equal (50/50) shareholders.

www.lynred-usa.com; www.lynred.com 



Kate Hogerty, Marketing Manager

Lynred USA