Fairfield, NJ, June 4, 2019 – Sofradir-EC, a technological industry leader in thermal imaging as well as night vision systems, announces the renaming of their company to Lynred USA. The parent company, Sofradir, and its other subsidiary, ULIS, have announced the merging of these two companies to create Lynred. Lynred USA remains a subsidiary of Lynred, providing direct access of the Lynred product line offerings to the North American market.


Since 1969, our company has been recognized for the design, development and manufacture of infrared and low light imaging systems and has provided its OEM and system integration customers the best systems that deliver exceptional thermal performance, imagery, reliability and value. After being named a subsidiary of Sofradir in 2008, Lynred USA became the North American representative for Lynred’s advanced infrared detectors.


Through a variety of applications, including but not limited to, Security/Surveillance, Gas Imaging, R&D, Airborne, & Ground/Land, the North American market for commercial and dual-use cooled infrared imaging equipment is predicted to grow from $562 million to $740 million in 2023, per ‘The World Market for Commercial & Dual-Use Infrared Imaging & Infrared Thermometry’, a 2018 Maxtech International. Inc. report1. Additionally, per this same report, the North American market is expected to grow from $1,688 million in 2018 to $3,352 million in 2023 for uncoooled commercial and dual-use infrared imaging equipment. Lynred USA has plans to be a strong supplier in this upcoming surge of growth in the North American market.


“Lynred USA is able to provide the cutting-edge technology seen in the Lynred hybridized FPAs as well as their microbolometers, while providing added value in the configuration of these IR detectors, with electronics, software, & associated optics,” states Lynred USA CEO, Dr. Michel Zécri. “We look forward to our continued growth in this market and providing low SWaP solutions for a variety of customer requirements and applications.”


Lynred USA is consistently working to adapt to growing requirements seen in the infrared market.  One of Lynred USA’s largest product lines is the ATOM camera core series. Lynred USA has cores available in both the XGA and VGA formats, providing low SWaP and low-cost options for a variety of customer applications. Also in development is the MiTIE (Miniature Thermal Imaging Engines) Plus product line. MiTIE Plus boasts an impressive capability of total lens integration. Through this capability, Lynred USA is able to provide multiple commercial off the shelf and custom lens options.


Lynred USA’s overall goal is to engineer camera cores that take into consideration specific technological requirement from both the market and for niche customer applications. This product is then engineered to provide a compliant product and customer service for each customer.

 1 The world market for commcial & dual-use infrared imaging & infrared thermometry published by Maxtech International, Inc., edition 2018




Located in the USA, Lynred USA is a technological leader in infrared solutions for commercial, defense, and space applications. Lynred USA is a subsidiary of Lynred, manufacturers of advanced infrared detectors. Lynred USA engineers, designs, and manufactures camera cores utilizing Lynred detectors, as well as night vision systems.  The product line offerings of Lynred USA and Lynred cover the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum, from near to very far infrared. Due to the variety of products, the companies are able to serve various markets including surveillance & security, law enforcement, fire detection, leisure, automotive, scientific, automation, industrial, gas detection, airborne, ground/land vehicle, naval/sea, and weapon sights. Together, Lynred USA and Lynred employ an estimated 1,000 employees. Safran and Thales are equal (50/50) shareholders.




Kate Hogerty, Marketing Manager

Lynred USA