POLICY NAME: Quality Policy Statement

LYNRED USA Quality Policy is stated in the acronym CAFES. The meaning is set forth by the words “Customer”, “Awareness”, “Focus”, “Energy” and “Satisfaction”. It means:

  1. We exist because of our Customer.
  2. We are Aware of our customer.

  3. We Focus on our customer.
  4. All our Energy is on our customer.

  5. We Satisfy our customer.
  6. This is accomplished by:

    1. A commitment by all employees to meet or exceed customer expectations. 
    2. Finding opportunities for improvement in administration and manufacturing processes to meet our goals and objectives.
    3. Enhancing quality product output and improving the processes to eliminate nonconformance and/or undesirable results.

This quality policy is:

  1. Appropriate for the purposes of LYNRED USA
  2. Includes commitments to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System
  3. Provides for establishing and reviewing quality objectives
  4. Is communicated to every employee within our company and is reviewed for continued suitability.