Surveillance & Security

The ability to observe and detect intrusions to key infrastructure locations in low light or dark conditions is what LYNRED USA's night vision and infrared products do best.
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Maintaining manufacturing and process integrity in production environments is essential for quality control. Lynred USA provides infrared camera cores and detectors that are used in machine vision and other automated processes to locate material defects

Outdoor personal

Identifying a target's thermal print with clarity and depth is what LYNRED USA's infrared camera cores and detectors do best. Selected by OEMs for integration into devices used for wildlife identification.
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Gas detection

A toxic gas leak can effect the safety of personnel, cause environmental damage and result in substantial financial impact.
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Fire detection

Early fire detection as well as locating fires in progress can save lives as well as company assets. LYNRED USA offers a range of infrared camera cores and detectors that provide outstanding thermal resolution and sensitivity.

Scientific / R&D

Infrared imaging is an extremely valuable technology used extensively in engineering and scientific research centers around the world.


Infrared imaging offers companies a reliable method for inspection and monitoring. LYNRED USA offers a range of infrared camera cores and detectors that provide high sensitivity and outstanding thermal resolution.
Night Vision

Law enforcement

Conditions indiscernible to the human eye pose a high risk to law enforcement officials. LYNRED USA offers a choice of night vision image intensifiers and infrared camera cores and detectors that will image a thermal signature quickly and effectively.
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LYNRED USA thermal imaging infrared sensors will detect heat radiating objects. When installed in vehicles, our thermal vision technology allows the observation of people, animals, other vehicles or road hazards that may be the source of an accident.