Whatever your IR needs -  should you require an open or enclosed camera core, fully integrated module complete with lens and image processing, an IDCA/detector or thermal sensor -  LYNRED-USA has the products and the expertise to fulfill your needs. 



Originally incorporated in 1969 as Electrophysics Corporation, the company’s early efforts were concentrated on the design, development and manufacturing of infrared cameras and night vision imaging products.

In 2008 SOFRADIR EC was formed through acquisition by SOFRADIR SAS, the world leader in high-performance infrared imaging solutions for military, space, industrial and commercial markets. This expanded product portfolio of advanced cooled and uncooled detectors coupled with over 40 years of technical expertise in engineering solutions and product integration enabled LYNRED-USA to become a leading OEM provider for SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and VLWIR range applications.


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