Seamless Installation
Bright, High-Resolution Images
Powered by Camera Battery
Direct RF Lens Compatibility


  • GEN III Night Vision Technology
  • < 10 second installation
  • No back focus adjustment
  • No vignetting
  • Various image intensifier color and spec options avaiable
Built for full functionality Maintains existing electronic communications
Adjustable Gain Control Variable-Gain Knob


AstroScope™ for Canon EOS Mirrorless digital cameras brings night vision to the modern era of photography. Enabling your mirrorless Canon RF-lens-mount camera with GEN III night vision technology, the Astroscope maintains direct compatibility with lens and camera body. The same product line that has been trusted by our customers for over 40 years has now been refreshed for the next generation of professional and personal Canon cameras.

The Astroscope™  is the only night vision module that transforms dark scenes into bright, high-resolution images while maintaining existing electronic communications between the camera and the objective lens.  When the device is mounted between the camera body and the objective lens, all lens functions, such as autofocus and image stabilization, are retained - an indispensable feature for today’s night vision photographer.   By amplifying ambient light, the AstroScope increases brightness, visibility and clarity in low-ligh scenarios.

Designed for use in all environments, the AstroScope system is rugged, compact and versatile.


AstroScope for Canon Mirrorless Cameras Brochure

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