17 µm pixel pitch
160 x 120
8 - 14 μm spectral range
Microbolometer Technology


  • 40 < NETD < 60 mK @ 50 Hz, 300 k, F/1
  • Frame rate: up to 60 Hz
  • Power consumption < 220 mW
  • Full digital
  • Surface mount device J-LEAD 44, compliant with JEDEC's reflow and handling standards
  • Array operability > 99.8 %
  • HSync/VSync clocking
Operating range - 40°C ; + 85°C
External frame synchronization capability
Operability 24 / 7 all weather conditions
TECless / Shutterless compatible
MTTF > 15 years
I²C serial link for register programming
Weight < 3 g


The Pico160Gen2 thermal image sensor is designed to help manufacturers penetrate mass thermal detection markets. This full-digital surface mount device  is built on proven technology with an array operability of >99.8%.   Costs and  development times are reduced allowing  manufacturers to bring truly competitive products to market quickly and efficiently.


PICO160Gen2™ Datasheet

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