With the ongoing and ever evolving nature of our world due to COVID-19, thermal imaging is going to play a primary role in fever detection which will be an essential practice in day to day life going forward.


Thermography plays a vital role in preventing the further spread of COVID-19. Fever is one of the main symptoms of Coronavirus and thermal imagers are an effective way to detect elevated body temperatures and therefore fevers. This technology will be essential in order to screen people in crowded spaces going forward such as airports, retail stores, hospitals, public transportation, and other commercial spaces.


LYNRED USA is the distributor of the entirety of the LYNRED product line to the North American market. LYNRED has more than two decades of experience developing, manufacturing, and commercializing microbolometer-based infrared detectors. LYNRED’s product catalog offers one of the widest infrared component ranges to the market. LYNRED USA also manufactures camera cores utilizing the LYNRED detectors here in the US. Our plug and play cores allow consumers to quickly move forward in the integration process.


The LYNRED and LYNRED USA product catalog features detectors and cores ranging from 80x80 to 1024x768 in order to meet a variety of needs and applications.


LYRNED USA is here to support the effort of containing and preventing the spread of COVID-19.